Meet My Old Rolling Studio

I can no longer walk or stand. This disability forced me to retire early. For some reason, I decided to take up watercolor painting - outdoors. This meant I had to find a way to take my studio with me. Since I used a three wheel scooter for mobility, I decided to adapt some existing equipment and build other pieces that would handle all of my requirements. A field easel, an art bag, a cheap plastic carrying case and a canvas bag that fits over the scooter arm were the basic rig. In addition, I made a work table out of gatorboard that could be placed on the scooter arms. This arrangement allowed me to travel up to several miles from my van and then set up and start painting in a matter of minutes. Many of my able-bodied plein air companions expressed jealousy of how easily I could travel from site to site. Alas, I'm now in a wheelchair and have lost most of the use of my hands, so I'm staying in the studio now. But maybe this rig will give another disabled artist some ideas.

To read more about my illness (Inclusion Body Myositis) and about the remarkable positive changes I've experienced since becoming disabled, please visit my blog: Life! disabled.


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